What is resilience?

Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from difficulties or the ability to withstand life’s challenges. It can refer to both the emotional and physical, which are of course intrinsically linked. It can be described as how effectively a person is able to cope, adapt or deal with adversity. 

Yoga and resilience 

Yoga is a really effective practice to build resilience for so many reasons! Yoga practices create the necessary conditions for the nervous system to find balance and self-regulate, training resilience. 

There are many different avenues we could go down with this theme, but for today let’s focus on one simple way that we can build resilience through yoga. Through core strengthening exercises and other strength building postures we can work with purposefully putting the body under just a little bit of stress in a controlled way to then bring it back down to relax. This is one way that through yoga we can build resilience, by training the mind and body to deal with challenges and moderate amounts of stress in a safe scenario. 

For example when you’re holding Utkatasana (Chair Pose) heat starts to build in the thighs and the body starts to fatigue. It sends messages saying “I want to get out of this posture NOW!” By holding the posture and focusing on a calm steadying breath, you send signals to your nervous system that everything is okay and that you can hold the pose a little longer than you may have originally thought. This same process can be mirrored off the mat, for example you may find it easier to stop and take a breath during a conflict with a loved one rather than react from a wounded place emotionally.

Yoga and the autonomic nervous system

Research has shown that some types of more active yoga like “power yoga” or ashtanga can activate the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) but that followed by restorative postures, this activation can lead to a deeper relaxation than practicing relaxation on its own. So yoga can actually activate both the sympathetic nervous system response (fight or flight) and the parasympathetic response (rest and digest). After playfully engaging the sympathetic response, the body is able to relax even deeper into the parasympathetic nervous system baseline, which is essential for deep healing and rest.

Yoga in the garden of Kinspacha, Urubamba

Some homework for fun!

This homework is inspired by Wim Hof who is known as the ‘iceman’ because he can stay emerged in ice for 1 hour 13 minutes and run marathons in the snow! He uses a particular breathing exercise that he says affects change in the autonomic nervous system allowing him to endure extreme cold temperatures. 

So, a simple way to train resilience at home is to take a cold shower everyday or jump into some cold water like the sea or a lake! This imposes a little bit of stress on your body to train resilience through a process called hardening. It helps your nervous system to get used to being able to handle moderate levels of stress. This helps you in the long run to deal with stressful situations in everyday life.

If this interests you check out Wim Hof being interviewed on Russel Brand’s podcast here.  

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Blog post written by one of our current resident Yoga teachers Jasmine Sara @jasminesarayoga

photo by @tui_anandi

A New Years Retreat in The Sacred Valley, Peru.

We warmly invite you to come fly with us into the new year with an Intentional, conscious crossing of the threshold from 2019 to 2020. Together we will embrace the lessons that got us this far and enter into the new year, blessed with connection and community for reclaiming our personal dreams and wellbeing.

Through Yoga, creative workshops, a group hike, embodiment practices and ceremony we will welcome all that the new year has to bring us.

Dates: 30th Dec 2019 – 2nd Jan 2020

Photo by @tui_anandi


Kinsapacha Yoga Retreat & Eco Lodge Farm is located in Urubamba in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru. Only one hour’s drive from Cusco city and airport, and around two hours’ from world-renowned archaeological site, Machu Picchu, they host yoga retreats, on-site holistic therapies, and comfy accommodation for those wanting to recharge and get close to nature in one of the most beautiful and sacred places on earth.

Kinsapacha provides healthy, fresh food, some of which is from their own vegetable farm and garden. All meals are vegetarian and gluten free, please let us know if you have any other dietary requirements.


• 8am Earth element yoga flow
• 9.30am Breakfast
• 10.30am Hike to ancient ruins
 1pm Lunch
• 2pm Free time to relax
• 4pm Authentic connection workshop
 5pm Restorative yoga
• 7pm Dinner
• 8pm New Years ritual and fire ceremony



Astraya is a divine feminine leader, yoga teacher, spiritual catalyst, medicine channel and earth guardian. Astraya brings with her a wide range of healing modalities; including 15 years of experience as a certified massage bodyworker, reiki master, metatronia master healer, crystal and angelic healer.

She is a born intuitive, having an innate ability to read energy from a very young age. Astraya is also the creatress of ‘Sistars Of Light, a divine feminine institute that empowers women to embrace their soul gifts and role as feminine leaders. She is currently facilitating worldwide divine feminine pilgrimages, workshops, trainings and 1:1 priestess mentorship programs.

Jasmine @jasminesarayoga

Jasmine completed her 200-hour YTTC in India and went on to study advanced modules in Yoga Therapeutics in the North of England. After primarily teaching Yoga and running workshops in Newcastle, UK, she has been teaching and hosting on retreats around the world for the past year.

Yoga has been hugely beneficial in her life and an integral part of her healing journey, so she is inspired to share this well-being practice with others. She loves to guide traditional yoga and meditation classes as well as combining yoga with dance in her Yoga Dance workshops that have a focus on free movement to music. Her teaching is trauma-informed and she’s sensitive to the individual needs of each student.


 Olivia Dias@oliviadiasb

Olivia has been travelling and working remotely for the past 2 years, working as a designer and marketing strategist for retreat centres and wellbeing businesses. Part of the Rosemary Dream community in Brazil for over a year, Olivia helped develop events and workshops to cultivate community and explore personal growth. With a desire to help people find their calling and create their freedom through harnessing their unique gifts, Olivia will be facilitating creative goal-setting workshops to welcome in the new year with clarity and intention.


31st Dec 3 – 4.30pm Authentic Connection workshop with Jas

Explore safe, authentic and open communication with embodiment exercises, listening skills, partner and group exercises. We will also introduce some Acro Yoga to develop trust in ourselves and others.

1st Jan 10.30am – 12.00noon Creative Planning & Review with Olivia

Review of the past year, redefining what success means to you, setting intentions for 2020 and making planning fun and creative rather than a chore!  

1st Jan 2 – 4pm Manifest Your Dreams – Self- Portrait Healing Workshop 

Discover and embrace self healing art & an expressive journey to clarify and manifest your deepest heart’s desires for the coming new year 2020.

All prices include:

3 x Nights Accommodation

4 x Breakfast

5 x Lunches and Dinners

5 x Yoga Classes W/Meditation

3 x Creative Workshops

1 x Ecstatic Dance

1 x New Years Eve Ritual & Fire Ceremony & ecstatic dance

2 x  Hikes

For booking and to ask any questions about pricing or further information please email: or Whatsapp: +44 77 49 88 02 81

Our organic permaculture garden onsite at our Yoga Retreat & Eco Lodge Farm