Huachuma has been used for over 3,000 years by tribes and cultures indigenous to the Andes and the Sacred Valley. Always in a ceremony, Huachuma is prepared with the utmost care and love by trained shamans, typically being brewed for more than 5 days for ceremony.

 In these ceremonies, indigenous cultures surpassed the realms of man to awaken deeply their spirits and connect with the mother earth in ways that we normally do not have access to.

The traditional and ancestral preparation has been passed down generationally which allows us to continue their exploration on our own journies. Participating in a traditional huachuma ceremony can bring many great depths and discoveries into your life. 

Some of these include freeing oneself from attachments, alleviating depression and anxiety, and rediscovering passion, love, purpose, and creativity.

Sacred Medicine Ceremonies

At Kinsapacha, we have partnered with Feathered Serpent Retreats, a highly specialized and experienced group of healers. Click here to see video testimonials from previous participants on their YouTube Channel.

We offer both Private Ceremonies for guests upon request as well as Group Ceremonies* that are pre-scheduled. As our Group Ceremony dates rotate, we encourage you to check out our Google Events Calendar to see our latest schedule.

Please note Group Ceremonies require a minimum of 2 participants and are pre-scheduled. If we do not have at least 2 participants registered for any given Group Ceremony it may be canceled upon our discretion.


Our general schedule for both Group & Private Ceremonies include the following:


Intention Setting & Ceremony Guidelines


Open the Ceremony & Drink the Medicine: Contemplation, art and silence


Sound Bath in the Dome


Light Snack


Fire Circle, Prayers & Songs


Closing Prayers, Integration Tips




Private Ceremony 
1 participant

$250 USD

Private Ceremony
2 – 8 participants

$150 USD

Group Ceremony*
2 – 8 participants

$120 USD

Sector Palccaraqui, Quinsacucho S/N, Urubamba
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Si deseas tener una estadia en Kinsapacha porfavor contactanos en el siguiente formulario. En caso tengas alguna pregunta o requerimiento especifico como un consejo de viaje estaremos muy contentos de ayudarte. Contáctanos para obtener mas información sobre nuestros más recientes paquetes que incluyen comidas vegetarianas, yoga y terapias.

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El Origen de Nuestro Nombre


Kinsapacha es una palabra quechua que se traduce literalmente como “Tres Mundos”.

Esta es una referencia a la Mitología Andina de los pueblos Pre-Inca e Inca que proclama que el Universo se divide en tres reinos o pachas:

Hawa Pacha (el mundo superior de los Cielos), Kay Pacha (la Tierra media del aquí y ahora) y el Uku Pacha (el mundo interior o Inframundo).

Cada ser que existe está situado en uno de estos mundos, en una búsqueda perpetua de equilibrio y armonía entre los humanos y la naturaleza. Este concepto se representa visualmente con las imágenes del Puma, el Cóndor y la Serpiente.

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Lo que dicen nuestros visitantes sobre nosotros..

Kiumars Varasteh
Kiumars Varasteh
The Host was absolutley amazing They helped me in the best way possible
Floor Branje
Floor Branje
What an amazing place. The people are so nice and helpfull. The food was perfect!
Excelente lugar, muy acogedor. Y las clases de yoga con Laura expectaculares.
Gloria M
Gloria M
Loved the vibe, environment, food, the dome… everything is magical about this place!
Rachel Lerner
Rachel Lerner
Lovely property. Delicious healthy breakfast. Comfortable rooms. Hot shower. Nicely located, walkable to downtown Urubamba but outside which feels more connected to nature. Incredible nearby hikes and wonderful stars at night. Kind owner and fabulous staff. I had a lovely massage here and loved the yoga classes. Would recommend!
David Molina
David Molina
Acabo de llegar, mi primera impresión, bonito, habitaciones cómodas y grandes, con una linda terraza. Un poco alejada de bullicio pero no está nada mal. Ya después opino más
Ana Inés Corzo
Ana Inés Corzo
irene quintavalle
irene quintavalle
I wish I could be there right now! Our stay was absolutely magic. The landscape, the food, the yoga, the people, everything was the best we could possibly expect. The owner was very friendly and was always keen to help. Our holiday couldn’t have been more perfect! A place I highly recommend to visit!
Tecnologías Agrarias SAC
Tecnologías Agrarias SAC
Todo muy lindo!!!