10 consejos para aliviar el estrés para mochileros

Whether you’re on a 2 week vacation from your regular job, are taking 6 months to soul search or have quit your career to work remotely round the world, backpacking can present unique challenges. So, we’ve put together these top 10 tips to relieve stress on the road.

Photo taken here in Urubamba, Peru, by @tui_anandi

Theoretically backpacking across the globe visiting beautiful places, making amazing connections and feasting on all kinds of different foods from around the world should be a fantastic adventure. Of course it is, but it can also be quite stressful! 

Living out of a backpack means learning to unpack and repack repeatedly, as well as being unattached to possessions and being fine with wearing the same outfits on rotation for however long you’re travelling for. There are all kinds of typical things that can add stress to a travel adventure from picking up sick bugs to missing flights to hitting random unexpected forks in the road.

But any backpacker will tell you that the lows are more than worth the highs! It is an unforgettable and unbeatable experience being free to travel the world, it can simply take a bit of management.

10 stress relief tips for backpackers 

  1. Slow down. It can be tempting to pack the schedule full to try and see everything but this can leave you exhausted and in need of a holiday from your holiday! We suggest taking your time and slowing down the pace for a stress free trip.
  2. Don’t forget to breathe. Sounds obvious right? Breathing is something that happens on it’s own without any conscious effort but sometimes it can help to intentionally take a big deep breath. If you’ve got the travel nerves waiting for a delayed bus or whatever else then focusing on the breath can really help to self-soothe and calm down.
  3. Organise your things. Nobody likes throwing their belongings all over the place and searching the backpack ten times to find that one particular pair of pants that you need. Have a system. For example you can have separate drawstring bags for different types of clothes, one for pants and socks, one for bottoms and one for tops, simple!
  4. Be flexible. This one is essential and can take some practice for those amongst us who are big fans of rigid plans. Things change all the time on the road, so in order to manage our stress levels we have to find a way to be okay with that.
  5. Set intentions. This can be a great way to bring clarity and focus to your days or places. Maybe for a city break your intention is to connect to others or push the comfort zone by trying out a new dance class. Perhaps you head to the country with the intention of connecting to nature. Knowing the ‘why’ behind your ‘what’ is a good way to stay stress free.
  6. Keep it light. Going deep, looking within and taking your healing journey seriously all has an important place and is part of the process. But don’t forget to keep it light, have a giggle and let your hair down as well.
  7. Prioritise wellness. In order to see the world and enjoy all your adventures you have to be feeling well! So don’t forget to take care of basic needs such as drinking enough water and eating healthy, nutritious foods. This is key in managing stress, wherever you are in the world.
  8. Book a retreat. There are so many options out there now for retreats for budget travellers, those wanting luxury and anyone in between. Whether it’s yoga, cooking or surfing that you’re into, there’s sure to be a retreat out there for you.
  9. Do nothing as well. You don’t have to always be going on adventures. Balance is important so be sure to have a duvet day every once in a while, even if it’s in your shared dorm in a hostel! Doing nothing can be as important as doing something.
  10. Treat yourself. Sure, you might be on a strict budget but leave a little wiggle room to treat yourself every now and again. It could be to a fancy dinner, a massage or a trip to the local sauna. Whatever you fancy, the cool part is you get to decide!

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas of how to keep your exciting travel adventure stress free and balanced. 

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Find balance on the road with our stress relief tips!

Blog written by one of our guest Yoga teachers Jasmine Sara (@jasminesarayoga) hosting our New Year’s Retreat.

Vida de montaña en el Valle Sagrado

I always thought of myself as more of a “beach girl” but somehow life has brought me here, to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. I have had the opportunity to live on an island and was blessed to have the “island life” experience, twice! But that is a story for another day.

It was my “life’s purpose” that brought me here. The first time I came to Peru was in 2014, to stay in the jungle and learn from the mother plant, Ayahuasca. I already knew back then, when I stayed in the jungle of Iquitos that I had a special connection with Peru.

Later last year the Universe brought me back here, and this time to the warm presence of the mountains. What a welcoming embrace that was. I keep loving it more and more here every day.


Morning Routine in Urubamba

On a perfect day, I prefer waking up early to experience the mist hovering over the mountains and the cool crisp air of the morning. This time is ideal for a morning yoga practice, when all that is audible are the sounds of the birds waking up and your own breath.

The Local Market

Depending on how much time I have, I sometimes feel like walking to the market which takes about 20 minutes. The walk goes through the local village, with spectacular views along the way of the mountains. The market is a feast for the senses with a multitude of different colours, fresh produce and the friendly faces of the local community. Sometimes I like to stop for lunch at only 10 soles ($3) at one of the vegan stalls on the third floor of the market.

Organic Kitchen Garden

We don’t need to buy so many vegetables at the market because we are abundant with fresh organic vegetables from our own orchard based on permaculture design principles. I love being able to walk into my own garden and pick vegetables to create magic in the kitchen! We sell our vegetables to our guests and women from the local community, as well as making the most of this delicious fresh produce in the restaurant vegan menu for guests here at Kinsapacha.

Hiking in the Mountains

Some days when I’m not too busy I like to go for walks on one of the easy routes that are accessible from our doorstep. One of the routes takes you up to a beautiful viewpoint where you can explore some Inca ruins and have a breath-taking view of the Valley during the sunset golden hour.

Sundays are for Rest

Living in the mountains we sometimes lose touch of what day of the week it is! Things can get very busy here and although I stay grounded with my yoga practice, I still need some time for myself. So, I decided to make sure I always take Sundays as a day off! Some Sundays when we are very ambitious, we go on an adventure to either Ollantaytambo, Pisac or Maras. But to be honest my favourite past time is chilling in the hammock reading my favourite book or writing in my journal or taking a well-deserved nap. It’s also the  bird watchers paradise with hummingbirds fluttering in the sun.

Yoga as a Way of Life

Kinsapacha is now my home but yoga is still my life and always will be. At Kinsapacha I have learnt to take things slower, to be more present and to enjoy the beauty that nature provides, as well as the knowledge that she teaches us. My passion for teaching has evolved to a more spiritual and grounding practice. I like to encourage my students to connect with their inner teachers and liberate themselves from unnecessary stress of missing out on the whole point of life which is to be happy and free!


If you’d like to experience this way of life for yourself then our doors are always open! Click here to learn more about our yoga retreat packages or here to book your stay as a guest.