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An Introduction to Permaculture & Sustainability

Here at Kinsapacha we have our very own permaculture garden abundant with fresh organic vegetables, fruit and herbs. We compost all of our food waste and sustainability is a key principle that we adopt in how we live here. Read on to find out more about Permaculture! At Kinsapacha we have our own permaculture organic […]

How Yoga Builds Resilience 

What is resilience? Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from difficulties or the ability to withstand life’s challenges. It can refer to both the emotional and physical, which are of course intrinsically linked. It can be described as how effectively a person is able to cope, adapt or deal with adversity.  Yoga and resilience  […]

10 Stress Relief Tips for Backpackers

Whether you’re on a 2 week vacation from your regular job, are taking 6 months to soul search or have quit your career to work remotely round the world, backpacking can present unique challenges. So, we’ve put together these top 10 tips to relieve stress on the road. Theoretically backpacking across the globe visiting beautiful […]

New Years Retreat!

A New Years Retreat in The Sacred Valley, Peru. We warmly invite you to come fly with us into the new year with an Intentional, conscious crossing of the threshold from 2019 to 2020. Together we will embrace the lessons that got us this far and enter into the new year, blessed with connection and community […]

Simple Ayurvedic Vegan Recipe

Here at Kinsapacha Yoga retreat & Eco Lodge Farm, we believe cooking food is an act of love and connects us to the cycles of nature. This is why we have our very own organic permaculture garden which provides us with fresh veggies and herbs for our guests and family. We have a special interest […]

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Mountain Life in The Sacred Valley

I always thought of myself as more of a “beach girl” but somehow life has brought me here, to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. I have had the opportunity to live on an island and was blessed to have the “island life” experience, twice! But that is a story for another day. It was […]